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The Last Lands

Over a thousand years ago, a war between the Gods destroyed the world’s place amongst the planes, severing its ties to magic and scarring its surface forever. Now the indigenous peoples of the world have rebuilt and established new kingdoms upon the last livable landmass of the world. They have named this continent Alleticia.

Campaign of the Last Lands

The Alleticia campaign setting is simply that: a setting. A sandbox adventure in the purest sense of the word. In Alleticia, schemes are constantly being brewed offscreen by power-hungry Brute-lords, evil supernatural forces, Dwarven Warlords and brooding Dragons. However, It is truly up to the player to encounter these plots. As the setting itself has no over-arching story, no framework and no tracks to be seen.

In a world without gods, and no overarching story, the players are truly in control. What will they make of themselves in a world which needs heroes?

Player Characters

Mr. Barnaby Stick, Esquire
Wolfgang Nuthaloe
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Edmondrian Draper
Ripley Redwall


Stelphan Woods
Lake Sod
Dagger Woods
-The Elven Grounds
-Murtock’s Cave
- Vepardo
- Estor
- Regar
Thalen Castle-town


Eric Prouthet University and Magical Collective
-School of Abjuration
-School of Evocation
-School of Conjuration
-School of Necromancy
-School of Transmutation
-School of Illusion
-School of Vitamancy
-School of Divination
The Dream of Peace
The Circle of Rosenguard
The Circle of the Moon
The Olde Thieves’ Guilde
The Root
Tawny Marc’s Guild of Boyers, Fletchers, Blacksmiths and Armorsmiths
Alestraung Adventuring Company
The Adventurers Guild
Thalen Royal Family
-Roretold Militia


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