Wolfgang Nuthaloe

Prouthet Mage College Alum, Transmuter of the 3rd Circle


Birthname: Dorian Ashenhurst
Aliases: Nuntoononu Knawtewnoen, Wolfgang Nuthaloe, Nunaloo, High Magus of the Court of the Iron Crown
Race: Human Pelandran – Bournvaivian
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Adventurer, Professional Wizard, Entertainer
Religion: Agnostic
First Seen: Court of the Iron Crown Episode 1
Last Seen: N/A



Wolfgang is 5’10" and weighs 150 pounds. His body is lean and can seem lanky at its worse, however his noble bloodline has left him more attractive than the average Bournvai citizen.

Wolfgang has blue eyes, and was born with the black, straight hair worn by all Bournvaivians. However, he has recently shaved half his head, and wears the other half long, often left swinging in front of his face, or swooping over his right ear. Due to his fidgety, unfocused nature, and his extreme adeptness at arcane craft, his hair is rarely black. Instead it is almost always seen as shifting from color to color.

Wolfgang usually wears his face clean shaven, but while on the road he sees little reason to keep up with frivolous niceties such as shaving, so occasionally he can get dark stubble, or a light beard.

He is almost always seen in his Prouthet University graduation gown: Black robes with an oily multi-color sheen. These robes are only given to the single, yearly graduate who is allowed to move on with their magical training after the university. For this reason the robes are considered an honor, and few others own robes such as these. On the bicep there is a patch denoting what Circle of magic they have placed into, and how much of reality’s laws they can bend to their whim. Wolfgang wears a leather and cloth overlay which comes to slight points at the shoulders,deep crimson in color. This overlay connects at the shoulders but does not go all the way down his back. He wears travelers boots, and a leather bandoleer of daggers over his chest. This bandoleer prominently displays his Court of the Iron Crown dagger.

For utility purposes he wears a black leather belt with several pouches on it, which carry random objects, oddities and magical material spell components. Hooked in his belt is a magic rod made from the rib bone of a monster he and the Court of the Iron Crown defeated.

Due to his travels Wolfgang has a gruesome scar on the back and palm of his right hand. As well as a few on his chest which are not visible while wearing his robes.


Wolfgang Nuthaloe, (or Nuntoononu Knawtewknown) is the very definition of eccentric. He is rarely uncomfortable, even in front of the most important of individuals, and even though he is incredibly likable, he doesn’t always pick up on social cues. He loves to entertain as much as he loves moments of levity, and he loves to create and share those moments. He can often be found in a tavern attempting to perfect the art of magically summoning musical notes and inventing songs for and about his friends. He is insanely intelligent to the point that he can seem spacey, or slow. He becomes so wrapped up in little details and observations that only he seems to notice, that it can even make him come off as a crazy person.

Wolfgang is a bit of a celebrity. He is the youngest graduate of Prouthet University in the entirety of its history. Which means that he is the youngest wizard to have ever lived. This is double sided though, as it means that while in some places people give his oddness the benefit of the doubt, in others, those that are jealous of him will actively seek to make his life difficult.

Wolfgang does not understand most of the normal conventions of everyday society and doesn’t much have interest in doing so. He occasionally breaks the law on accident, and his morality is governed by no religion or spiritual figure. He does what makes sense to him. This can make him seem occasionally flighty or uncaring. However, Wolfgang naturally possesses a good heart, and will do absolutely anything for his friends.

Abilities and Tactics

Wolfgang is the youngest full-fledged wizard in all of history. This however is not an accident, he possesses a mighty intellect and his never-ending sense of curiosity pushed himself to unlocking some of reality’s most fundamental mysteries while attending the world’s only Mage College. As a graduate, Wolfgang is one of 32 legal authorized, legal spellcasters in the whole of the world. He most often uses his magic to mend objects, change objects at a fundamental level, make music, amaze children and to change the color of random things, animals and people. Wolfgang did not go to Prouthet University to learn offensive magics however, when forced to protect himself or defend his friends he recalls the necromantic magic of his youth by summoning a spirit capable of draining life-force from the living or simply firing a powerful beam of concentrated necromantic energy. However his preferred offensive spell shoots a small blast of elemental energy. he can change what kind of energy this spell creates depending upon the situation he finds himself in, an ability which has saved him and his friends on numerous occasions.

Having seen civilians die while he was out adventuring and especially due to the death of a friend while out on a mission (a friend that Wolfgang would then help in raising from the dead), Wolfgang is more somber and serious out in the wilds than he is when in the confines of civilization.

Notable Possessions

Wolfgang came into the possession of the legendary wizard Nuntoononu’s infinite spellbook when he was young, he uses this artifact as his own personal spellbook.

Wolfgang is one of 32 people alive to have Prouthet University graduate robes. In order to cast magic legally in public a practitioner has to wear such robes. So Wolfgang wears his everyday, proudly showcasing his 2nd Circle patch.

He casts through a rod made of the rib-bone of an undead tree monster. He has customized this bone by inlaying a diamond in the crook between knobs and stem. There, inside the diamond, floats a white pearl suspended in vine blight blood. Wolfgang has etched the symbols of the schools of magic on the knob of the bone in a circle right above the diamond. This rod was recently coated in layers of thin magical veneer which enhance the wands ability to perform elemental based magic.

After the completion of their first adventurer together Wolfgang (Going by the moniker Nuntoononu at the time) made matching daggers from the crown of the mad king that had hoped to eat or enslave them. Wolfgang (like the rest of the members of the Court of the Iron Crown) now carries the dagger as a memento of their first (horrible) mission together.


Early Life

Born as Dorian Ashenhurst, the second of four siblings, Dorian was never treated as well as the rest of his siblings. He was born a bastard in castle Ashenhurst, the last remaining proof that the Ashenhurst family still maintained nobility in Bournvai, the Kingdom of Hope. His Mother and older brother were cruel to Dorian and had made sure he understood that he had no right in the noble castle Ashenhurst. However at a very young age he was quick to pick up on things and was a very adept reader. He excelled in his schooling, and his mother the Duchess, Victoria Ashenhurst started to take to Dorian when he showed some promise in the arcane arts. Spellcraft is legal in Bournvai, but just as it is in the rest of the world less than 1 in 1,000 can actually understand the complex notions which surround wizardry. Dorian took to it quickly and seeing how happy it made his mother he practiced day and night until eventually he learned to summon a spirit from beyond the veil of death, making him the youngest to have ever done so. His mother suddenly loved Dorian and spent huge quantities of gold attempting to refine his craft. She sought to turn Dorian into a true Necromancer, much like the old bloodline.

However one evening Dorian was called to his mother’s chamber, where he discovered a beaten man chained to the wall. She asked him to summon the chill being to drain the man’s life force, unless the man spoke, and divulged the information she was seeking. Dorian, wanting so badly to please his mother did it, and when the man refused to speak a chill touch from beyond wracked the man’s body. However, he survived. Dorian was mortified by his own actions. He immediately turned against his mother and freed the man. She didn’t fight back, but she did send her guards after the pair. The two ran deep into the frozen woods of the Ashenhurst Duchy but Dorian never even so much as got to learn the man’s name as they had become separated shortly after having exited the castle. Dorian was pursued by the military but was never found.


Dorien wasn’t sure how long he had lived out in the woods, but it had been long enough that he was no longer familiar with human conversation. He was running low on the supplies he had pilfered so many moons ago. The silence of the frozen, Bournvaivian woods had seemed to have an effect on his perception. For many days he could feel and hear a a rhythmic humming. Dorian set out to find the source and couldn’t help but feel that the source was calling to him.

Deep in the cave system Dorian found it, a glowing shard of emerald, golden light suspended by its own power. Dorian knew that it called to him with some ancient, yet familiar voice. He couldn’t resist his curiosity and was almost forced to reach out and touch the light. He learned his greatest secret then. He learned the only secret.

When he awoke he was clutching an ancient spellbook to his chest and an ancient word in his mind, “Allabar”. With his new found knowledge and this ancient spellbook, Dorian knew that he needed to get somewhere safe, somewhere where he could reflect on this knew paradigm. He sought out to Thalen that night. He knew of Prouthet Universitybdue to the fear often associated with it by the Bournvaivians. The only magic school in all of Alleticia.

The journey was perilous however eventually he met the Tanners. A simple hunting and processing family who often traded with Thalen border forts. On this occasion they were were heading back into Thalen but instead of their normal stop they were meeting with guild masters in Thalen Castle-Town. Without questions the family generously let Dorian travel alongside with them, and helped smuggle him out of the country. It was a long journey and during this time Dorian grew very comfortable with the Tanner’s and it was through them that he learned to speak Thalish. By the time Dorian and the Tanners made it to Thalen’s capital he had learned the basics of the Thalen culture and felt he was ready for Proutherai, the intellectual capital of the world. Dorian was escorted to Proutherai by the Thalen royal militia and once he finally made it to Prouthet University he was declined entry. Until he revealed his spellbook. Dorian was taught about Nuntoononu, and learnt that he wielded the great wizard’s personal spellbook.

Dorian quickly became one of the best in the school and was poised to be the youngest graduate in history. His Bournvaivian roots made life difficult for him at first. However while researching his family’s involvement in the War of Uncertainty at the Thalen War-college he met Mr. Barnaby Sticks, he had never seen a halfling, and was enraptured with the small man. Barnaby was in no way bothered by Dorian’s national origins. The two developed a friendship which was cemented when Dorian learned Baraby’s secret, and Barnaby helped defend Dorian from bullies.

When Dorian learned that wizard’s which ascend to the high title of Archmage choose a new name for themselves, another historical wizard to aspire too, Dorian did not feel like waiting. He took the name Nuntoononu, and cemented his position in the community as a friendly, inquisitive weirdo.

After graduation the college expected him to stay, seeing as we was now one of the few legal mages in existance. However, Nuntoononu had other plans, essentially becoming homeless while researching questions that apparently only he craved the answers too. He lived in Barnaby’s foyer for a while before Barnaby signed the both of them up with the Alestraung Adventuring Company. His actions may seem contrary, but the man who now calls himself Wolfgang is even now searching for answers to the questions that only he has the mind to ask.


Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire- Best friend, a halfling of considerable ambition with a few dark secrets.

Weevil- Wolfgang and Weevil share a love of drink and debauchery, Weevil just takes it farther. They have little else in common, but Wolfgang lead the expedition to find the secret of pulling this friend back from death.

Kya – Wolfgang was sad to see her return to her homelands. A fellow Thalen foreigner and a kindred spirit in heart.

The Eric Prouthet University and Magic College- Wolfgang is the youngest graduate of this insttutation and still maintains a few freindships within its halls. He has recently been working on building relationships with some of the Archmages of this institution, in particular Archamage Kyle and Archmage Sorrid.

The Dancing Leaf Tribe- Wolfgang made no friends while visitng this elven community, but he impressed their spiritual leader, “The Grandmother” by selecting the fomorian spiritual mask when tasked with selecting between masks of fairy tale creatures. He later helped the tribal leader by leading the force to push the Goblins out of a nearby cave system. Because of this, the tribal leader allowed the grandmother to use their only Raise Dead scroll to bring back Weevil from the dead. The court of the Iron Crown, and Barnaby in particular paid a lot for this ritual but even then “The Grandmother” required help while casting the powerful magic. Wolfgang completley earned the respect of this elder individual when he helped her perform the ritual.

The Hands and The Eyes – Wolfgang was the court member who argued to spare this crazy old man after he betrayed the group to the Ironwrought family. After learning that this madman was in fact Bevvin the famous diviner of the Prouthet Wizard’s College, the Court of the Iron Crown escorted Bevvin back to town, and reinegrated him into society, after a brief stay in Barnaby’s house. Bevvin is a dear friend.

Twyla- In the short span of two months Twyla and Wolfgang have become inseparable. He has been fascinated with her since the first time he saw that she was a shapeshifter. The two often find themselves being distracted by simple things, the rest of the group couldn’t care less about.

Quinn- Wolfgang doesn’t know what to make of Quinn Stardust. He has little reason to trust or distrust him, but the two have never formed a bond. However, Quinn was only allowed to travel with the court under the request of Wolfgang, and it did eventually pay off, as Quinn was a necessary asset in Murtock’s Cave.

The Surgeon- Wolfgang has never made his feelings for The Surgeon public. However, he put a great amount of effort in rescuing the man when he was petrified in Murtock’s Cave, and it was Wolfgang who ignored Quinn’s requests and brought the statue back with them when they were done. Only to have The Surgeon return to his normal crazy self.

Menton – Charles Menton is much quieter than the rest of his friends. but after raising Weevil, and dealing with Murtock’s cave, Menton has become a trusted ally. During their stay in Tourngrow, the two even trained together under the tutelage of the notorious serial-murderer-sorcerer Charles Redstaff.

Wolfgang Nuthaloe

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