Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire

Adventurer, Burglar, Author,


Birthname: Barnaby Sticks
Aliases: Oscar Facington, Oscar VonTrapp
Race: Hillfolk
Gender: Male
Age: – 37 (Comparative to a 28 year old human)
Occupation: Adventurer, Author, Investor
Religion: Agnostic
First Seen: Court of the Iron Crown Episode 1
Last Seen: N/A


Standing at 2’10" weighing 65 pounds, Mr Barnaby Sticks Esq is short and portly even by halfling standards.

Often adorned in a khaki/tweed detectives hat and cloak, Mr Barnaby Sticks Esquire covers up his light leather armor and dagger strapped to his hip. Generally one can find Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq. carrying a shillelagh in one hand and his current research or novel in the other. Mr Barnaby Sticks has a narrow face framed with massive mutton chops. His long, dark hair is slicked back at all times, and never seems to get messy. Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq. keeps himself very clean and presents himself as a noble (having recently acquired the title from Tawny Marc’s Guild of Boyers, Fletchers, Armorsmiths and Blacksmiths).


Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq. always introduces himself. When doing so, he always uses his full title. He has no qualms with introducing himself as an important powerful noble to anyone of any socioeconomic class (even if they might know he is exaggerating). Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq. introduces and refers to himself by his full name every single time, anyone who tries to refer to him otherwise is stopped mid-thought by him and corrected. He is intelligent and willing to help anyone if a challenge is involved, though he is unwilling to take on challenging tasks if they seem like they are potentially suicidal.

He comes across as arrogant to most people, and as a downright nuisance to others as he has a tendency to talk down to folks, and chooses who he likes and dislikes in an idiosyncratic pattern which hints at randomness. However, those who know him closely know that he isn’t necessarily the prickly personality he appears to be.

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq. is at constant war with the greedy, evil nature within himself. He is essentially a good person and often proves it to himself and his friends. However he has shown a tendency to run from danger unless his friends are at a risk of dying, and even then on one occasion he considered turning against his friends to save himself. Mr Barnaby Sticks Esq’s alignment is identified as " Good ", though he is undeniably and unbelievably greedy.

Abilities and Tactics

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire is a warlock who has made a pact with a dark and powerful force. This enigmatic being has provided such powers that Barnaby is now one of the only mortals alive which posses the knowledge of the particular spells he has the ability to cast. His most used warlock abilities include: firing a barrage of shadowy eldritch missiles at will; The power to turn a single cup of water into a spiked, black armor composed of obsidian-like ice, by summoning supernatural cold from the forbidden reality, Agathys; he often draws a false sense of life from his patron, which in turn allows him to stay standing after having received mortal blows; and he can steal life-force from creatures he has slain.

Most often Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esq.’s general strategy is to stand back and bark out commands while providing artillery cover via his eldrtich blasts. Once his allies are injured or incapacitated he will move to the front line, adorning the Armor of Agathys while attempting to draw the ire of his enemies. All the while, raining hellfire and demodandic frost upon those foolish enough to shatter the icy armor. Barnaby keeps himself alive while drawing this ire via his mastery of False Life and the dark energies drawn from every enemy he slays, giving his allies a chance to focus, heal, and reposition.

However, If a battle seems unwinnable, Mr Barnaby Sticks Esquire is not opposed to running away and living to fight another day.

Notable Possessions

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire “owns” a house at 1313 Raven Rd in the city of Protherai. This is the current base of operations for the Court of the Iron Crown, where he and his closest friends adventure from.

He always carries his hooked tobacco pipe as well as some high-grade tobacco.

Barnaby carries a crystal doorknob in his vest pocket at all times and can occasionally be seen reaching in and rubbing this object when he is thinking or nervous.

Since beginning his life as an adventurer, Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire now carries a dagger as a memento of his first (albeit horrible) adventure. The dagger is part of a set of matching daggers belonging to the founding members of the Court of the Iron Crown.

Mr. Barnaby Sticks acquired the wand, Du’Incanus, a historical artifact dating from the War of Uncertainty. It was found in an abandoned tower belonging to the Archmage Plutarch Willfellow on Barnaby’s second adventure. He used the wand as collateral when taking out a huge loan from the Renuder-Thale International Bank in the city of Vuton in order to fund the quest and materials needed to have Weevil raised from the dead.


Early Life

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire was raised in the Basket, a nice quiet safe country, full of small peaceful, hillfolk villages. As a child Barnaby loved books, whether they be fairy tales, or nonfictional tales of wars, and political scandal. He learned from these books the definition of a true hero, which stuck with him as he got older, this definition being: sacrifice for the greater good. His father tended tobacco farms and his mother washed clothes for the men in town. Barnaby attended school daily and when he could get away with it, more than daily. Barnaby was a volunteer at the school after hours, cleaning and preparing for the next day just to give himself access to any books at any time. It was his teacher [[Mr. Pip Buckinton III]] that had the most lasting effect on young Mr. Sticks life. It was from Pip that Barnaby modeled his own long name after. As Barnaby grew older his parents passed away. Hoping to distance himself from the sadness, while simultaneously expanding his already wide-breadth of knowledge he enrolled in a small local college of law where he excelled. After graduation he could find almost know use for his degree in the virtually crime-free Basket and moved back home to continue the tobacco trade of his father.


One day, not long ago, when Barnaby was full grown, Imix Tribe barbarian slavers set up camp a few miles outside of his hometown and began slowly picking off members of the community. When the hillfolk tried to relocate or leave the quickly shrinking town the barbarians would inevitably wind up with a new slave. On some nights slavers from the tribe would sneak into the town and sew discord via arson. On nights like this they would never leave without taking another hillfolk for their slave pens.

It was on one of these nights that Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire made the deal that would change his life forever. Due to means as of yet unknown Barnaby ended up pledging his soul to a creature most foul, an evil that predates all of demonkind and potentially even the gods. This horror agreed to give Barnaby the power to save the town, at a cost. A cost that Barnaby is still paying for.


Dorian “Nuntoononu ‘Wolfgang {Nuntun} Nuthaloe’ Nawtewknown” Ashenhurst- Best friend, Wizard, demi-celebrity, only person Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire trusts.

Weevil-Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire’s token stupid friend. Barnaby gets along with and even likes Weevil, he doesn’t understand or owe an explanation as to why.

Kya – Mr. Sticks served as her translator for a time, often completely making up interactions between the speaking parties. He viewed her as a brute, but a useful one.

The Ironwrought Famliy-Barnaby was a major contributor to the death of the patriarch of the Ironwrought family, even as he became very close with the eldest son. He has reason to believe that the youngest son may serve some use to him in the future.

The Cloudhoppers- Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire made a lasting impression with this group of highly renowned adventurers, even convincing them that the Court of the Iron Crown was almost as experienced as they are.

Twyla- Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire knows not what to make of a sweet, innocent child’s mind adventuring in such a terrible world, however he will never sell her abilities short. She is an oddity to say the least.

Quinn- This man claims to be a friend of weevils but he is no friend of Barnaby’s. For whatever reason Barnaby immediately did not trust this man. He is only allowed to travel with the court under the request of Nuntun.

The Surgeon- An employee, a healer, a doctor, a fighter, and hardened. Though this man may be dangerous, Baranaby views him as a useful tool which is easily expendable. If he began to tell anyone of Barnaby’s relationship with the dark arts no one would believe the ramblings of an old madman.

Menton – An employee, and a fortunate twist of fate. Menton couldn’t have arrived on the doorstep of 1313 raven Rd at a better time, seeing as Barnaby had business to attend to, and a skilled warrior with a touch of arcane skill could be a valuable replacement for Barnaby on the road for the time being. Otherwise, no thoughts.

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire

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