Pietro "ThreeGrave" Bournfly

Deceased Bandit Leader and Con Artist


Birthname: Pietro Bournfly
Aliases: Threegrave, Peter, Bonnyflew, Doc Browny, Slewhaimer
Race: Pelandran
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Occupation: Con Artist, Thug, Criminal leader
Religion: Atheist
First Seen: Episode 3 – The Hunters
Last Seen: N/A – Head currently in Zelmock Blackhammer’s possesion
Status: Deceased


Pietro Bournfly was a successful criminal known for driving up his own bounty and then claiming the reward. Sometimes he would commit criminal acts under a moniker, and then turn in a dead but similar looking man under the pretense that it was himself. Other times he would also drive the bounty up on himself, and have his men turn him in for the reward. His goons would then immediately spring him from prison, so they could go do the same con in a locale which had not heard of them.

Pietro was working as a bandit leader in Fuleph woods when he met a small group of the AAC. Later during a parley gone wrong he would be killed in part by The Barbarian and in part by Yvaine. – “Episode 4 link coming soon”

Pietro "ThreeGrave" Bournfly

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