"Smells like a garbage can"


Birthname: Unknown
Aliases: Weevil
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Adventurer, Dock Worker
Religion: Agnostic
First Seen: Court of the Iron Crown: Season 1 – Episode 1
Last Seen: N/A


Weevil is 5’8" and a hefty 300 lbs. His hair is an unkempt, knotty, long, mess of red hair and he has a scraggly, long, red beard. Bits of dead grass or weeds can be found in his hair and beard since Weevil can often be found sleeping outside on the ground. If he is wearing a shirt (which is rare because he often loses it without knowing where, when or why) it is a very plain, mostly white, peasant, cotton shirt stained with various food, drink, dirt and sweat. His pants are plain brown cotton, poorly patched, and tattered around the bottom of his legs (he doesn’t lose these). He generally wreaks of fish due to his day-to-day work at the docks and his profuse sweat certainly doesn’t help the smell.


Weevil is a very friendly person, even when he isn’t drunk. It is rare for him to get mad and he is very non-violent. In fact he has only slain one creature that wasn’t hunted for food, The Iron King. He will fight to the death to protect his friends but will find any way to keep things from getting out of hand. He loves his booze and loves to share it. While he may of grew up as an urchin, he will frequently give away any money he has earned whether it is done via donation or over tipping. He intends no harm or ill-will. Weevil does steal but never entire fortunes or livelihoods. Weevil will always put his friends and companions on the top of his list of things he cares about most.

Abilities and Tactics

For being such a large man, Weevil is extremely nimble and flexible, in fact, bizarrely so. As he has proven several times, he is capable of moving without being noticed or heard and can climb a wall or a tree with little to no effort. Basic survival skills were taught to Weevil at a very young age by an Archmage who never introduced himself. His most basic rogue skills were self taught while living as an urchin. Weevil learned to be an adventuring rogue from his friend Shiv and the Olde Thieves Guilde. Weevil is a capable thinker and tactician as well. He down-plays his intelligence by perfectly playing his roll as a drunken fool. Weevil believes no one will think twice about a drunken fool, and thus far he has been right.

Notable Possessions

Weevil keeps no possessions besides what he carries on his back. However, of note on his person is a dagger given to him by Wolfgang Nuthaloe made from the crown of the iron king. This dagger is a symbol of the Court of the Iron Crown, and all founding members have one. He recently came into possession of a pair of leather boots and bracers, they don’t match and though the craftsmanship is not noteworthy, they are nice for a commoner. Weevil, for an unknown reason, even to himself, thinks quite highly of these “treasures”. Perhaps its because he was the one who slayed the Iron King they once belonged to.


Early Life

Due to his continuous drunken state, Weevil does not remember much from his childhood. He doesn’t even remember his real name. But he does have a reoccurring nightmare that he knows is a memory.

In this nightmare he remembers being a young boy and his parents were frightened. He heard buildings and homes being destroyed and people screaming, crying. His parents rushed him to a small shed behind their house. He remembers the heat from the burning buildings grasping at his face as he tried to hide from the cries of the village. His parents hid him in the shed and left him. Weevil was too scared to look at his parents as they said goodbye, he did not know that they meant goodbye forever. It was hours before the screaming stopped, and hours more before the burning builds stopped crackling. When he awoke, Weevil stumbled out of the shed to find his entire village decimated. The shed was the only building left standing. Weevil searched for his parents the rest of that day, without success. It took Weevil half of the next day to realize he couldn’t find anyone. Everyone, including their bodies had disappeared. Weevil began walking, hunting for food and and water. It was days before he saw another living creature. A tall man wrapped in an elegant robe and a pink scarf that covered his face, woke Weevil up one morning. He didn’t say a word, he only gave Weevil food and water and walked away. Weevil did his best to keep up with the stranger until the stranger made camp that night. Despite Weevil’s questions, the man never said a word. This activity continued for 1 week before they made it to the next town. During this week of travel, the man gave Weevil little tid bits of knowledge pertaining to feeding himself in the wild, basic animal tracking, and where to find water. This was all done with very little spoken language. When they arrived in the next town, the man rented a room at an inn. The man told Weevil “Get some rest, I’ll be back shortly with supplies for the next leg of the journey.” Weevil tried to stay awake for the man to return, but when he woke up, the man’s bed was untouched with a pink handkerchief atop the pillow. The handkerchief had the name of the arch mage embroidered with gold thread. Weevil snatched the handkerchief and ran out of the room looking for the man, but no one had seen where he went. The next few years he spent growing up as an urchin in Protherai.


This is when he met Shiv, who taught him the basics of sneaking around and stealing. He also introduced Weevil to the thieves guild. It was his young adolescence when Weevil developed the bad habit of losing his shirt. Shiv would joke about it saying “Weevils must have eaten your shirt again!” and thus the name Weevil was born. A couple years later he met a younger orphan boy named Quinn. Weevil took Quinn under his wing and taught him everything he knew. Weevil made ends meet by stealing what he needed and working odd jobs usually at the docks. He decided he wanted some adventure in his life to see new places, meet new people, and most importantly, drink new boozes! Weevil joined the AAC to follow his dream of drinking new boozes.


Weevil cherishes all people he meets and considers them all his closest friends. Of particular note:

Dorian “Nuntoononu ‘Wolfgang {Nuntun} Nuthaloe’ Nawtewknown” Ashenhurst- A friendly wizard and demi-celebrity who Weevil (due to Kya’s mispronunciation) calls “Nunaloo” and considers a friend.

Mr. Barnaby Sticks Esquire- Weevil calls this scheming, halfling warlock and author “Lil Sticks” and considers him his best friend.

Kya – Weevil couldn’t understand this 6 foot northman warrior but liked her none the less.

The Ironwrought Famliy-Weevil was uncomfortable with this family and their creepy town from the moment that they arrived. However, he feels some pride over being the one that put their patriarch out of his misery and into the ground.

The Cloudhoppers- Weevil considers these near legendary adventuring heroes his favorite drinking buddies.

Twyla- Weevil calls this silly, shape-shifting girl, Twilight and views her as one of his closest buddies.

Quinn Stardust- Weevil considers this dashing rogue a brother of sorts. Weevil and him grew up on the streets together.

The Hands and the Eyes – Weevil doesn’t trust this strange prophet, and still believes that the man once killed weevil using a poison laced alcohol.

Shiv – One of Weevil’s oldest friends, his mentor in the roguish arts and his last remaining contact to the Olde Thieve’s Guilde.

The Unknown Archmage – Weevil still feels as if he owes this mysterious debt, but has no idea how to find him, much less pay him back.


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