Below is a quick reference guide of the rules used to govern the Alleticia campaign. Official Wizards of the Coast rules have been distinguished from unofficial Wizards of the Coast produced “Unearthed Arcana” rules and house-rules when applicable. Sources have been noted where applicable as seen below.

How to Play

No Changes PH pg.5-8

Building a Character

Characters are created using the standard “roll 4 d6 and drop the lowest” method. If a player does not roll a 15 or higher in any of their ability scores they may reroll the 4d6 of their highest ability score and take the new result if it is higher. PH pg.11-15


In the various lands of Alletica some races are incredibly common while some are equally as rare. Still some don’t even exist and some are too stupid or irredeemable to be reasonably played as a player-character. Humans, Halfings, some Elves and some Dwarves are common enough to be played without having to ask the DM for permission Click this link to see a list of all playable races and sub-races in Alletica and their corresponding rarity. PH pg.17-43 , DMG pg.286-287 , EEPC pg.3-11_ , SCAG pg.103-118 , VGtM pg.103-120 UUA Various


All classes are allowed in the Alleticia campaign. However, not all classes are created equal. Some classes are more common or more rare and the in-world implications of said classes or class archetypes can prove to make some more dangerous or difficult to play. Click this link to see a breakdown of the available classes and class archetypes, what is readily playable, and what class option are available. PH pg.45-119 , DMG pg.96-97 , SCAG pg.121-143 , UDMGGunslingerMartialArchetype1.2 , UUA Various , UHR

Personality & Backgrounds

Equipment & Encumberance

Customization Options

Using Ability Scores





Abbreviation Guide

Official Source Books

PH = Player’s Handbook
MM = Monster Manual
DMG = Dungeon Master’s Guide
EEPC = Elemental Evil Player’s Companion
SCAG = Swordcoast Adventurer’s Guide
VGtM = Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Unofficial Sources

UUAX = Unearthed Arcana Download (X=Issue)
UDMGXXXX = Dungeon Master’s Guild Product (XXXX = Name of Product)
UHR = Houserule

Published Adventures

AHotDQ = Hoard of the Dragon Queen
ARoT = Rise of Tiamat
APotA = Princes of the Apocalypse
AOotA = Out of the Abyss
ACoS = Curse of Strahd
ASKT = Storm King’s Thunder
ATftYP = Tales from the Yawning Portal
AToA= Tomb of Annihilation


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