The World of Alleticia

Alleticia is the last landmass left on the Firstwork. Once named Dalek-tecraw, this continent is the homeland of the dwarves and a testament to the dwarven ability to control and shape the land they live on. In its heyday Dalek-tecraw represented the heart of dwarven culture and the master craftsmen of their mighty empire. The dwarven mountain-city, Kjorn, was once the supposed home of Moradin, the dwarven All-Father, during his adventures in the Prime Material Plane. After the Dusk War the land was named Alleticia by the invading elves who wished to escape the rising waters of the Storm Eternal. Due to early alliances with humanity and humanity’s penchant for breeding and spreading farther and faster than the other races, the name Alleticia has come to be the common name of the world and its last continent.

Alleticia is littered with the remains of ancient cities, dungeons and temples dedicated to deities forgotten and peoples now extinct. These ruins are foraged for wealth and items of use. Unfortunately, most knowledge of the times before the Storm Eternal have been lost to the waters of time. As a result, knowledge: both mundane and esoteric, is incredibly limited and equally as respected. Bards, Sages and Clerics are held in the highest esteem with College Professors and Librarians even being counted amongst the nobles who rule the land. This hierarchy has made education an expensive and controlled resource.

Alleticia’s broken history has created a land which holds onto traditions and superstitions from various cultures who have ruled at different points in Alletician history. Established trade is mostly controlled by humans and as a result common is the trade language. The 110 year “peace” of the land is about to bubble over as the treaty between the Kingdoms of Thalen and Bournvie grows weaker each day. Anything could set off the war between these two powerful nations and when the arrows begin to fly, ancient pacts and old treaties are sure to drag other kingdoms and races into the conflict.

The Alletician Calendar

Although the Pelandran Empire fell to ruin long ago, most of Alleticia continues to follow the Pelandran calendar, as do most of the civilized nations. The calendar has twelve months, each month comprised of four weeks, and each week containing seven weekdays (Sun’s Day, Moon’s Day, Earth’s Day, Wind’s Day, Air’s Day, Fire’s Day, and Star’s Day).

Month Seasonal Significance Thalen Holidays
Demir First month of SPRING NA
Middemir Month of the Spring Equinox NA
Enddemir End of spring NA
Skalar First month of SUMMER NA
Midskalar Month of the Summer Solstice NA
Endskalar End of summer NA
Vall First month of AUTUMN NA
Midvall Month of the Autumn Equinox NA
Endvall End of autumn NA
Orost First month of WINTER NA
Midorost Month of the Winter Solstic NA
Endorost End of winter NA

People of Alleticia

The population of Aleticia is mostly comprised of humans (60%), Dwarves (15%), halflings (7%), elves (6%), goblins (4%) and orcs (3%), with other races (including [[half‐elves]] and [[half‐orcs]], gnomes and other player races) making up the remaining 5%.


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