Class Rules


All classes are allowed in the Alleticia campaign. However, the in-world implications of said classes or class archetypes can prove to make some more dangerous or difficult to play. Certain classes are more or less common and may or may not have certain in-game restrictions. Below is a breakdown of the available classes and class archetypes, what is readily playable, and what class option are available in the Alleticia campaign setting. PH pg.45-119 , DMG pg.96-97 , SCAG pg.121-143 , UDMGGunslingerMartialArchetype1.2 , UUA Various , UHR

Unrestricted Classes

The following classes are allowed to any player who can justify the class in their backstory upon introduction, or during a training montage while leveling and multi-classing. These classes and archetypes have no in-world restrictions, outside of the obvious repercussions of admitting your occupation (if dubious) to the wrong person.


A fighter is no mere weapon user, but a master of arms. All fighter players must explain where they trained, and how they became such potent combatants. PH pg.70-75

Unrestricted Martial Archetypes can be found below:

Battle Master – Fighters who employ combat knowledge and complicated maneuvers to ensure victory.
Champion – Fighters who perfect their body to deliver devastating blows and take brutal hits.


A talented specialist who is used to solving problems on their own. Rogues fight unfairly, and are incredily skilled in a wide variety of areas. All rogue players must explain from whom their character learned Thieve’s Cant, and the use of Thieve’s Tools. Most rogues in Alleticia have at some point been a part of the Olde Thieves Guild. PH Pg.94-98

Unrestricted Roguish Archetypes can be found below:

Thief – Thieves are often professional burglars, cut-purses, or tomb-raiders. Thieves are adept at sneaking, getting out of trouble, and clever improvisation. PH Pg.97
Mastermind – Rogues who scheme, plot and lead a life of intrigue. Masterminds are often spies, courtiers, or criminal under-bosses. SCAG pg.135
Swashbuckler – Combatants who favor superior finesse and footwork over raw power. SCAG pg.135-136

Semi-Restricted Classes

The Semi-restriced classes either wield power which is obscure and strange to the common folk causing unpleasant repercussions while dealing with people, or they are rare enough to be considered an “uncommon class”. There is a limited number of each uncommon class, and when all of that number has been detailed, (as either NPCs or PCs) the class is no longer available for play. For example, there are only 46 paladins in Alletica, 23 of which are already detailed as NPCs. Once the remaining 23 are detailed, then it would require the creation of a new Paladin at level 0 to play one.


Fierce warriors, often of tribal descent. Nearly all Barbarians in Alleticia are Brutes, who through druidic ritual have learned to harness a potent battle rage. Barbarians are an uncommon class because of the need for Druidic initiation, which is only known by the brute tribes which have made this class infamous. Restriction: Brutes only PH pg.46-50

Below you will find Semi-restricted Primal Paths:

Path of the Berserker – Berserkers are fabled the world over for their legendary “Berserker Rages”. A Berserker throws caution to the wind, spilling blood while completely heedless to their own well-being. PH pg.49-50

Path of the Totem Warrior – Totem Warriors serve as warriors of the spirit world, who fight on behlf of the great animal spirits and the forces of nature. Totem Warriors learn to channel a totem spirit, which influences their looks, behavior, and supernatural abilities. PH pg.50 & SCAG pg.121-122

Path of the Battlerager – Battleragers are elite dwarven soldiers who have learned to harness the power of a battle rage without the need for druidic rituals. Battleragers fight with reckless abandon in spiked armor that only the dwarves can manufacture. [Restriction: Dwarves Only] SCAG pg.121


Bards are respected the world over for the songs the weave, the skills they master, the knowledge they possess and the magic they pick up while on their travels. In Alleticia most bards are taught in one of four institutions and then sent out on their own to see and record the tales of the world at large. In all civilized societies, bards are treated with respect, and their performances draw large crowds, even as their opinions can sway stubborn kings, and warlords. Bards are an uncommon class, because few people possess the innate talent to master the bardic arts, and even fewer are allowed to meet with the masters of the bardic colleges. The legal status of the bardic arts is widely disputed throughout the human kingdoms. PH pg.51-55

Below you will find all Semi-restricted Bardic Colleges:

College of Lore – Lore-keepers know something about most things. Picking up magical secrets and learning new skills from folktales and scripture, history and lies. Wizards may believe that they are the most knowledgeable mortals in Alleticia, but the Bardic Keepers of Lore know the truth. Lore-keepers are taught exclusivley by other Lore-keepers. PH pg.54-55

College of Valor – Skalds blend performance, knowledge and martial skill together in order to channel the heroism of champions long since past, and travel the world immortalizing the deeds of others, all the while being a great hero themselves. It is through their own deeds that a new generation of heroes is inspired. PH pg.55

College of Swords – Blades are performers who perform dangerous acts of bravado for crowds, such as sword swallowing, knife juggling, and blade throwing. Few people realize the knowledge, connections, and magical might, the average Blade possesses, and even fewer understand the the skill a Blade actually possesses with their blade, should they ever choose to use it for anything besides performance. In Aleticia all Blades are taught by Madame Zarnolvia’s Traveling Troupe of Troubadours and Troublemakers, the last keepers of the lore once possessed by the College of Swords. UUA12 pg1-2

College of Satire – Bards of the College of Satire all called Jesters. These Jesters are far more than an average harlequin however. Toppling tyrants, pointing out injustice, and unearthing ancient secrets all while maintaining a performance schedule. These powerful Jesters learn their art from the actual College of Satire in northern Selltaris. UUA12 pg2-3


Clerics channel divine might in the name of their gods. However, not just anyone can wield divine magic. Clerics may memorize esoteric scripture and divine rights, but it is not this knowledge which powers them. A cleric must be predestined to wield a god’s power, letting their intuition guide them into making the best decisions on behalf of their gods. Most clerics are trained in martial practices, in order to more easily spread the word of their god. In Alleticia devout worship and study of the One True God may provide divine powers once every few decades. If a Cleric receives powers in this way it is legal, assuming that the cleric passes a test of faith. PH pg.56-63

Below is listed the Semi-Restricted Divine Domains.

Life Domain – After a priest completes thorough combat training, even while holding his/her original vow of pacific, the One True God will bless the priest with the divine powers of life. This power allows Life Clerics to preserve life and perform miracles impossible for even the most powerful spellcasters. Life Clerics can rule as the high-bishops of the Church of the One True God. PH pg.60

Light Domain – Light Clerics are given the divine authority to reveal truth, shine light into dark places and immolate their enemies in divine flame. Light clerics serve as powerful artillery in the Church of the One True God and reminders of there deity’s power. PH pg.60-61

War Domain -


Some fighters possess skills less often found in the world than the proficiencies taught by the Proutherai War College. These fighters learn to augment their fighting prowess with magic, or with special techniques only known by a select few. PH pg.70-75

A list of the Semi-Restricted Martial Archetypes can be found below:

Eldritch Knight Semi-Restricted: Uncommon – Fighters who learn to mix combat prowess with Abjuration and Evocation spell-craft. PH pg.74-75
Banneret Semi-Restricted: Must be a Knight – Noble warlords who lead from the front lines. SCAG pg.128


Rogues are by their nature, very adept at picking up skill and lore that many would find difficult to grasp or specialize in. Some rogues easily pick up on secrets that others may spend years to study and learn. These rogues may dabble in magic, the use of poisons and disguises, or something even odder. PH Pg.94-98

Semi-Restricted Roguish Archetypes can be found below:

*Arcane Trickster * Semi-Restricted: Uncommon – Rogues who learn to augment their skills, their combat and their craft with Enchantment and Illusion spell-craft. PH pg.97-98

Assassin Semi-Restricted: Must be taken in and trained by The Root – Assassins might be bounty hunters, spies, or hired killers. Adept at the arts of ambushing, poisoning, and mimicking the people necessary for the assassin to get close to its target. PH Pg.97



Class Rules

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