A god is a being of great divine power that controls some aspect of mortal affairs, referred to as the god’s portfolio. It can be very difficult to differ one god from another, or to differ a god from a powerful fiend or archfey.

The peoples of Alleticia have worshiped the gods in some shape or form since before the Storm Eternal. The creator races learned the rites and prayers of their deities alongside the development of clothing and basic tools in pre-history so ancient, that it is lost even to the histories of the most long lived races, such as elves and dragons.

It is unknown whether the gods are real. Most sentient races believe that their deities are real, while those of other cultures are false, or at least are subordinate to their own cultural deities. The believers use the divine magic of clerics and paladins as proof that prayers are being answered. However, the educated peoples of Alleticia argue that the power is ultimately just a different version of arcane magic, simply channeled from The Above the same way Wizards channel their power from The Below.

Pantheons and Religions

Listed below are the most common worshiped pantheons of Alleticia.

The Morndinsamman – Shield Brothers on High

Official Deities of: The Dwarven Empire of Mordrinskarvok,
Worshipers: Dwarves and rare brute-tribes
Worshipped by the Mordenkin and Berrovin, these deities of honor and stone are amongst the eldest deities in existence and are closely associated with the giantish deities, The gnomish deities and the Primordials.

The Seldarine – The Fellowship of Brothers and Sisters of the Wood

Official Deities of: Llelethan
Worshipers: Elves, some fey, some selltish and thayen cultures
A pantheon of nature, art, magic and mystery worshipped by the elves. These beings are closely associated with the Faerie Courts, the gnomish deities and the Primal Spirits.

Yondalla’s Children

Worshipers: Halflings
A small, peaceful pantheon worshipped by both Hillfolk and Riverfolk in slightly different ways. A relatively peaceful pantheon of community and nature with close ties to the the gnomish deities and the pagan human deities.

The Followers and Sinners Under the The One True God

Official Deities of : Thalen, Selltaris, Bournvai and Ballien
Worshipers: Humans, Converted Demi-Humans
A single deity of purity, goodness, power, creation and light which rules over a small enclave of lesser divinities referred to as “Saints” or “Sinners”. As an unresting guardian opposed to the powers of evil, The One True God has close ties to the fiendish pantheons of the “Infernal Gods” and the “Demonic Gods” simply because they are his antithesis. This church also has ties to some of the pagan religions due to some of their gods being incorperated as saints or sinners within this religion.

The Lords of the Golden Hills

Worshipers: Gnomes, Intelligent, burrowing animals
A small group of gods with almost no evil amongst its ranks. The Gnomish gods are gods of fun, trickery and invention. The Lords of the Golden Hills have incredibly close ties to the Morndinsamman as well as alliances with almost every non-evil pantheon.

The Pagan Gods

Official Deities of: Telgata, Brutes-Tribes
Worshipers: Witches, Warlocks, Brutes, Druids, Telgish, Some peasantry across multiple kingdoms
Consisting of many, smaller, dying pantheons, the pagan gods cover all the loose “odds and ends” pantheons. All gods worshiped before the Storm Eternal as well as the Notorious Raven Queen are considered “Pagan Gods”. An example of pagan pantheons are listed below:

-The Gods of the Northmen
-The Tuatha Dé Danann
-The Bakluni Gods
-The Old gods of the Flanaes
-The Immortal Pharaohs
-The Gods of Olympus
-The Pantheon of Dusk
-Oerdian Lords
-Suloise Gods
-The Old Lords of Touv

The Spirit Way

Worshipers: Brutes
A religion focused on the animistic and natural spirits of the earth. Most brute-tribes have their own local pantheons of Primal Spirits which consist of local spirits, ancestors, and great beasts. These spirits have close ties to the Faerie Courts, the Seldarine, the Pagan Gods and in some ways the Primordials.

Cult Religions

Certain religions are taboo or illegal within most of the lands of Alleticia. Below are examples of religions which worship strange or evil gods with dark agendas or incomprehensible goals.

Primordials – The Old Gods

Worshipers: The mad, the desperate, or those who have lost faith in the modern divinities.
The Primordials are ancient gods from before even the Mythic Age. The beings were responsible for the creation and destruction of many realities before this one. Almost all gods, demons and being of similar might are in fact primordials or the children of. The primordials were all slain or bound in a mythic war that stretched over the course of eons. Those few scholars or cultists that know of these things refer to this age of battle as The Dawn War.


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