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The Last Lands

Over a thousand years ago, a war between the Gods destroyed the world’s place amongst the planes, severing its ties to magic and scarring its surface forever. Now the indigenous peoples of the world have rebuilt and established new kingdoms upon the last livable landmass of the world. They have named this continent Alleticia.

Campaign of the Last Lands

The Alleticia campaign setting is simply that: a setting. A sandbox adventure in the purest sense of the word. In Alleticia, schemes are constantly being brewed offscreen by power-hungry Brute-lords, evil supernatural forces, Dwarven Warlords and brooding Dragons. However, It is truly up to the player to encounter these plots. As the setting itself has no over-arching story, no framework and no tracks to be seen.

In a world without gods, and no overarching story, the players are truly in control. What will they make of themselves in a world which needs heroes?

Player Characters

Mr. Barnaby Stick, Esquire
Quinn Stardust
Edmondrian Draper
Patrick Pine


Dokthjun of Clan Delzoun
Aloise Brerrie
Thain “Pateunde” Michaels


Wolfgang Nuthaloe
Ripley Redwall

Thokk Muherran Gro’Choettaxx
Charles Menton
The Surgeon

And even earlier:

Timothy Piffins
Marquis Deirdre Roretold
Zel’mauk Blackhammer
Lycium Wornstone


The Torn Lands – Kingdoms of Man


The Stained Lands

North Tribes
Stone Tribes
Salt Tribes
Hidden Tribes
Southern tribes
Far-Southern Peoples

The Empire of Mordinskarvok – Home of the Dwarves

The Lands under Llelethan

The Rock-Candy Islands

The Far Lands

-The meteorite crater


The last lands are home to a veritable host of factions vying for power and prestige, not even including the conniving and various noble lines and merchants guilds. Some of these factions run as secret societies, operating in the background. While some, like the Church of the One True God operate openly as powerful and respected organizations the likes of which communities are founded upon. Many factions share similar goals but greatly differ in means, prestige, methods and leadership. The Monarchs of the seven nations often detest these organizations due to the way a faction can often hook the loyalty of the common people in a way that royalty often cannot. Though, the royal bloodlines of each kingdom are often considered a faction no different than the rest.
Below, these organizations have been grouped via the monikers often used by the small courts of Kings and other schemers.

The Green Guilds

The factions known as the “Green Guild” are often Druidic orders still operating thousands of years after their formation. Some are fledgling organizations founded by idealistic frontiersmen with stern opinion about how society should interact with the wilds, and others are thinly veiled cults dedicated to the otherworldly Archfey that lie just beyond the depths of the woods.
“Green Guilds” often draw the attention and membership of neutral and good aligned Rangers, Druids, Horned-Knights, Barbarians and Life or Nature Clerics.

The Orders of Order

These factions include any group dedicated to maintaining the rule of law. For this reason the kingdoms of man are considered factions under this header, but “Orders of Order” are less official. These kinds of groups range from retired soldiers dedicated to keeping the piece, to literal religious orders.
“Orders of Order” often draw the attention and membership of neutral and lawful aligned Fighters, Paladins, Monks and if lucky, the occasional Sorcerer.

The Freedom Fighters

Small courts and criminal organizations call these groups “freedom fighters” as a mark of derision. The groups that earn this moniker are often secret organizations with goals dedicated to bringing down tyrants, lifting-up the smallfolk and overthrowing the status quo. “Freedom Fighter” organizations can be as secretive and rebellious as literal freedom-fighting rebel-factions or as mundane as an University which idealizes freedom and maintains contact with its alums. Many of these organizations employ bards and wizards/
“Freedom Fighter” factions often draw the attention and membership of chaotic and good aligned Bards, Wizards, Rogues, Sorcerers, Monks, Rangers and the occasional idealist-Fighter.

The Crusaders

Any faction that dedicates itself to the cause of righteousness is often referred to as “The Crusaders”. Zealotry can run rampant in any crusader organization, most of which are based on religious tenants. However, not all religious institutions are considered “Crusader” factions. Only those that dedicate their resources to stamping out evil whenever it reals its head.
“The Crusaders” often draw membership from good or lawful aligned Paladins, Clerics, Rangers, Druids and devout Fighters.

The Criminal Underground

Commoners often refer to “The Criminal Underground” like it is a single organization which controls the flow of crime in all regions. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Comprised of various factions which often loath each other the criminal underground of the last lands has a wide variety of factions for the unsavory to call home. Some of these groups are actually quite altruistic, or at least can be quite kind to their members.

“The Criminal Underground” normally attracts evil or neutral aligned Rogues, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Oathbreakers and Fighters.

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