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Alleticia – The Last Lands

Over a thousand years ago, a war between the Gods destroyed the world’s place amongst the planes, severing its ties to magic and scarring its surface forever. Now the indigenous peoples of the world have rebuilt and established new kingdoms upon the last livable landmass of the world. They have named this continent Alleticia.

World Summary

Alleticia is sizable, but nowhere near large enough to quell the land-hoarding of avaricious dragons, war-hungry orcs, human berserkers, fickle archfey and dwarven warlords. Squabbles over what little land remains have resulted in near constant warfare. The never-ending rotation of petty kingdoms, ruled by different kings of different races has driven the peoples of the world to fear and even despise each other. The God-Fearing Pelandran Empire hoped to change that until its king:, His Royal Highness Marcuth Deireindrove the Marut King, was assassinated three centuries ago. The murder brought an end to the Pelandran Empire and coincidently ushered in the return of magic. Five kingdoms have arisen from the ashes of the empire: Thalen, Ballien, Bournvie, Telgata and Selltaris. All five of which are trying to come to terms with the trickle of magic empowering peasants and cultists alike since the death of the Marut King.

The Great Restoration, as it has come to be known, has been seen as a blessing by many. The spirits of the land and the gods of The Above have been answering prayers for the first time in a millennium. Churches have been established and the people of Alleticia are turning to their old gods once more. To others the Great Restoration is a curse, for the return of magic challenges their authority and means that the wishes of power-hungry men are once again being fulfilled by fiends and dark gods. The kingdom of Thalen lies somewhere in between these two extremes. Magic (albeit in limited scope) has been in human hands for almost 3 centuries now and Thalen has been built upon it. Thalen even has a sparse collection of Arcane Colleges and esoteric libraries. Thalen is also home to the Church of The One True God, which sees the return of magic and the “pagan” gods as a divine omen and test of faith. These men believe that practicing magic is evil and should be condemned.

The current monarch of Thalen, His Royale Highness Nathaniel the Morose, rules his kingdom from his seat of power in Thalen Castle-Town. The city is quaint and simple compared to others found throughout Thalen. The Morose King’s authority is felt throughout the entirety of the land: from Dreivalburgh, home to St Cuthbert cathedral and the religious heart of Thalen, to Poutherai, home to Prouthet University and the academic heart of the kingdom. It is a land known for its powerful monarchy, righteous monotheism, beautiful countryside, chivalrous knights and slumbering dragons.

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