Martial Archetypes


Fighters eventually learn to specialize their fighting prowess in a way far more unique than just a “fighting style”. The combination between a “fighting style” and a selected “Martial Archetype” defines a fighter as a unique warrior, with his/her own way to solve problems and lay low enemies. Click on the name of each Martial Archetype for more details:

Unrestricted Martial Archetypes

The following martial Archetypes are allowed as long as the player explains how he/she learned the archetype’s features, and from whom he/she learned them. These archetypes have little to no in-world restrictions, outside of the requirement to be taught the Martial Archetype by the Proutherai War College or someone of the same Martial Archetype.

All Unrestricted Martial Archetypes can be found below:

Battle Master

Battle Masters understand war as an academic field. They use complicated battle Maneuvers and brilliant tactics to lay their enemies low. Most Battle Masters are graduates of the Proutherai War College, ranking soldiers or retired war veterans. PH pg.73-74


Champions are fighters who train their bodies to physical perfection, learning to deliver devastating blows, and survive worse. Any well-trained fighter may be a Champion. PH pg.72-73

Semi-Restricted Martial Archetypes

The following Martial Archetypes are semi-restricted, meaning that the Martial Archetype is allowed but there is some restriction in place. This restriction can manifest as a limited number of the class existing in Alletica or a required role-play element the Dungeon Master will enforce on the player.

All semi-restricted Martial Archetypes can be found below:

Eldritch Knight

Semi-Restricted: Uncommon – There are less than 15 Eldritch Knights in Alleticia – Eldritch Knights are capable warriors who combine their talents with Wizardly study. Eldritch Knights use Abjuration and Evocation spells to keep themselves safe even while using fire, cold, lightning, and their trusty blade to strike enemies down. Most Eldritch Knights are Prouthet University drop outs who immediately sign up for the Proutherai War College. Some are the opposite. Ph pg.74-75


Semi-Restricted: A Banneret must come from a noble background, and earn the title Knight-Banneret – Knight-Warlords who learn to keep their soldiers standing, even as they themselves cut their enemies down. A Banneret leads his/her troops from the front-line of battle. All Bannerets are knight given permission to fly their own flags by their king. SCAG pg.128

Restricted Martial Archetypes

The following Martial Archetypes are restricted, meaning that the Martial Archetype is allowed but a player cannot assume that such a character is readily available for play. Restricted archetypes require various prerequisites which cannot happen before game-play and must happen over the course of adventuring, such as: inventing a particular object, discovering a certain location, being told a critical secret, or even killing a particular otherworldly danger. Restricted Archetypes are most often used via multi-classing.

All restricted Martial Archetypes can be found below:


Restricted: No Known Gunslingers exist in Alleticia – Ranged experts who tinker with new metals, alchemical processes and the first newly created firearms. UDMG Gunslinger Martial Archetype 1.2

Banned Martial Archetypes

The following martial Archetypes are not allowed in the Alleticia campaign setting unless the Dungeon Master gives specific permission and works with the player to balance or alter the archetype in some way. These archetypes are either not play-tested enough to be considered a fair alternative, or are comprised of lore directly contradictory to the lore of Alleticia.

All Banned Martial Archetypes can be found below:

Arcane Archer

Arcane Archers master a fighting style developed by powerful elven gishes. These warriors blend archery and spellcraft together into a deadly art. UUA40 pg.2-4


Knights trained to charge into battle while mounted on a trusted steed. A single Cavalier is a resource all armies covet, but only some can afford. UUA12 pg.3-4


Knights are noble defenders who are trained to protect their allies and take full advantage of mounted combat. UUA24 pg.2-3


Scouts are potent fighters trained in the arts of stealth, tracking, navigation and outdoor survival. Fighters who live in the wilds often become scouts if they do not become Rangers. UUA12 pg.4

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunters are unique fighter specialist which train to become experts at pursuing and slaying supernatural threats. Vampire hunters are the most well known type of Monster Hunter, but others may exist. UUA14 pg.2


Samurai are honorable combatants with an unbreakable willpower. Their martial techniques were developed in far away lands and demand the utmost dedication to honor and discipline. Samurai can do many things most fighters would think impossible. UUA24 pg. 3


Sharpshooters are expert scouts, deadly snipers, and masters of all things ranged. UUA24 pg. 3-4

Martial Archetypes

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