Roguish Archetypes


All Rogues place emphasis on mastering their skills, their precise and dirty combat style, and their reflexes. However, every rogue eventually discovers a whole of host of other talents unlike their fellow rogues. A rogue’s choice of archetype reflects these additional talents, and the unique paths all rogues tread. The combination of selected skill-set and archetype is what defines a rogue and sets it apart from its fellows. Click on the name of each Roguish Archetype for more details:

Unrestricted Roguish Archetypes

The following Roguish Archetypes are allowed as long as the player explains how he/she learned the archetype’s features, and from whom he/she learned them. These archetypes have minor role-playing restrictions. The rogue must be taught the Roguish Archetype by one of the premiere criminal organizations of Alleticia: The Vazanora; The Olde Theves Guilde; The Dream of Peace; Tawny Marc’s League of Fletchers, Boyers, Blacksmiths & Armor-smiths; or someone of the same Roguish Archetype.

All Unrestricted Roguish Archetypes can be found below:


This archetype may often represent burglars, cut-purses, and other criminals, but it is just as often used to represent explorers, tomb-raiders, and investigators. Rogues of this archetype are quick on their feet and quick to react, scaling buildings and sneaking past sentries with ease. Most thieves are Old Thieves Guild members, or former associates. PH pg.97


Masterminds focus their expertise on intrigue and manipulation. Spies, courtiers and criminal under-bosses are often masterminds who wield words and orders as weapons just as lethal as a blade. Masterminds have a cunning insight into other people and are adept at misdirection, both in combat and in conversation. Most mastermind’s discovered their skill-set while working for other criminal organizations. SCAG pg.135


Swashbucklers are charismatic rogues who fancy conversation and combat. These rakish warriors favor superior finesse and footwork over raw power. A Swashbuckler locked in combat almost looks like a showman performing choreographed swordplay. Swashbucklers generally learn their skills from a swordmaster, pirate master or Master-Thief. SCAG pg.135-136

Semi-Restricted Roguish Archetypes

The following Roguish Archetypes are semi-restricted, meaning that the Roguish Archetype is allowed but there is some restriction in place. This restriction can manifest as a limited number of the class existing in Alletica or a required heavy role-play element the Dungeon Master will enforce on the player.

All semi-restricted Roguish Archetypes can be found below:


Semi-Restricted: Must be taken in and trained by The Root – Assassins might be bounty hunters, spies, or hired killers, regardless of occupation, all assassins are comfortable striking a target down before it gets the chance to fight back. Adept at the art of ambush, comfortable at using horrible poisons, and talented at mimicking the people necessary to get close to its target, assassins are terrifying people, capable of terrible deeds. PH Pg.97

Arcane Trickster

Semi-Restricted: Uncommon – There are less than 10 Arcane Tricksters in Alleticia – Arcane Tricksters are often elusive criminals, or legendary thieves. The law of the land rarely realizes that the elusiveness of these criminals is supernatural. These rogues use Enchantment and Illusion spells to keep themselves from being caught and to further their own (already considerable) capabilities. Most (if not all) Arcane Tricksters are Prouthet University drop outs who are picked up by the Olde Thieves Guild for further training. Some are the opposite. PH pg.97-98

Restricted Roguish Archetypes

The following Roguish Archetypes are restricted, meaning that the Roguish Archetype is allowed but a player cannot assume that such a character is readily available for play. Restricted archetypes require various prerequisites which cannot happen before game-play and must happen over the course of adventuring, such as: inventing a particular object, discovering a certain location, being told a critical secret, or even killing a particular otherworldly danger. Restricted Archetypes are most often used via multi-classing.

There are currently no restricted Roguish Archetypes.

Banned Roguish Archetypes

The following Roguish Archetypes are not allowed in the Alleticia campaign setting unless the Dungeon Master gives specific permission and works with the player to balance or alter the archetype in some way. These archetypes are either not play-tested enough to be considered a fair alternative, or are comprised of lore directly contradictory to the lore of Alleticia.

All Banned Roguish Archetypes can be found below:


Criminals turned investigators, Inquisitives are skilled in seeing through lies, and finding secrets. Most Inquisitives are detectives, inquisitors, or monster hunters. UUA14 pg.2-3


Scouts are rogues who are adept at living on their own in the wilds. Often scouts are used by criminal organizations who plan to operate off the beaten path. A scout can provide for a party, and is adept at traversing multiple environments, as well as laying down ambushes. UUA28 pg.2-3

Roguish Archetypes

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